CSS' food project collaborates with AllWin
The food project collaborated with AllWin in 2013

Why collaborate with us?

CSS as a student organization aims to provide all necessary tools to individuals/organizations to facilitate sustainable thinking and transformation. This encompasses all realms of the society and we encourage all to contact us for any help in the same. These could be evaluation of ideas, discussion on challenges, project recruitment, funding opportunities, event organization, publicity etc, to name a few. Our network of highly qualified students and entrepreneurs, together with our connections with academia, industry and several organizations binding the two, can help solve your challenges.

How to collaborate

If you have any general ideas or questions you want to discuss, please contact the board chair and vice-chair, or the project coordinator (contact info below or on the Contact page). You can also check our Projects page if you want to collaborate with a member-driven project. 

Svante Bengtsson

Vigneshwaran Vijeyakumar

Mikael Bergqvist
Projects coordinator

Another possibility is to contact the board through the Facebook page:

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