Monthly Meeting - October

During October's Monthly Meeting, we had a presentation by Per Östling from FirstToKnow.

He gave a very inspiring presentation about his work. (

His perspective towards the value of students and their work was refreshing.

As a result conversations with him continued also during the break.


Finally, Siddharth presented the ongoing work in the different project groups:


Re:Cycle: This group will start to plan the next Re:Cycle event (which will be in April) in November.

  • Re:Cycle also needs a new project leader, interested? Then please contact Anna Gustafsson (

Food: The last Food-rescue-party was during the Framtidsveckan; the next might be together with the climate actions group


Home: This group is working on a range of sub-projects such as workshops for the student union committees to increase sustainability within the union


TRE-The Reflecting Engineer: There will be 2 lectures this autumn - check our calendar for more information on time, place and content

  • TRE also needs a new project leader for next year, interested? Then please contact Juana Camacho Otero (

Innovation for Integration: This is our newly formed group as a result of the peace-seeking people coming to Sweden.

Climate Action: In December, Paris will host the United Nations climate COP21 - accordingly the groups aim is to increase awareness of the climate change issue.

  • The 29th November CSS will take part in the Climate March in Göteborg (Klimat samiling Göteborg) where CSS will take part.


Last but not least:

As in the blog post before:
CSS is looking for new board members for 2016!
>>>Apply here<<<
See you at our annual meeting in November 19th
Your CSS-Board