Hot October: ReCycle and ActSustainable!

Last week has been very busy for al the sustainability lovers! on the 4th and 5th of October we had a lot going on: ReCycle the Chalmers bike day, where almost 200 abandoned bikes found a new life and a new owner (a big thank you to all the volunteers and the participants who will make this city a little bit greener and happier); Act Sustainable day, an awesome day with many sustainability groups collaborating (e.g. GSSA and GMV) to give inspirations on how to be more sustainable in our every day life. CSS participated with a workshop where berries Dye Sensitised Solar Cells were built, thank you Maria Abrahamsson, Valeria Saavedra and Ambra Dreos for organising the workshop, and to all the very passionate participants, it has been amazing to see so many people interested in solar energy. 
A lot is still going on in October and November, so stay tuned!
With love, your CSS board.