Here you can take a look at our projects, both ongoing and previous ones. If you are interested in joining or collaborating with a project you are welcome to contact the project leader, who will give you more info.

The projects are run by project groups that consists of CSS members and the members themselves decide what projects to start. If you are interested in suggesting or starting a new project within CSS, visit a monthly meeting (see calendar) or contact the board!

Active projects

Purpose: Give students opportunities to discuss and reflect upon questions related to technology, sustainability and ethics.
What we do: Arrange a series of lunch lectures presented in collaboration between CSS and Engineers Without Borders. Invite interesting and diverse speakers and give the listeners free, environmentally friendly lunch. This is an annual CSS project.

Purpose: Each year, an undisclosed amount of bikes is abandoned and eventually disposed creating a vast amount of unnecessary waste, although a large number of these bikes is still in good condition. It is the aim of this project to raise awareness among students regarding the reduction of waste. And of course, we want to promote the joy of riding a bike in Göteborg!

Purpose: Make Chalmers campus a more sustainable place with real stuff available for everyone!
What we do: Many of our projects happens as one day events but we also love to make permanent changes on Chalmers campus. That's why Home aims to create sustainable projects that's always open on campus for everyone. For example, we help the overlook of the Book Swapping Bookshelf on Sven Hultins Plats and the Swap Cube in HSB Living Lab. We also have plans on creating our own stuff here on campus!

Purpose: We raise awareness about food waste among students and the public.
What we do:  Free markets, lunch lectures, "Food Rescue" parties, pop-up restaurants and more.

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People escaping war and coming to Sweden are looking for a new place to build up a future. These people coming to Gothenburg will be our neighbours, colleagues and friends, why not start right now to meet them and connect?

This project aims at pushing Chalmers to step up and become a leader in the process of integrating peace-seekers into Swedish society by providing opportunities to connect with locals, adjust their skills and become active actors in Sweden's development.

Inactive projects

Purpose: Discuss Sweden's energy futures with leading politicians.
What we do: Invite party leader or energy spokesperson from political parties to talk about their vision for the Swedish energy transition.

Purpose: Give students a chance to be up to date with the latest research.
What we do: Invite PhD candidates to give a short speech on their topic! The jam sessions were related to different themes such as waste, water, energy and food.