Introducing the Board

Marie Seidenfus

I’m Marie! I am currently doing my MSc in Architecture beyond Sustainability. I have a background in Environmental Engineering and Architecture and am especially interested in waste issues and climate adaptive building construction.

I am engaged in CSS because I want help to create a platform to discuss sustainable issues with people coming from different backgrounds. 

Álvaro Santana

I’m Álvaro! I’m currently studying a MSc in Industrial Ecology and I decided to become an active member of CSS cause I believe the time has come to move from words to ACTION.

Young generations are to lead the way and divert us from the uncertain abyss we’re heading to under prevailing behaviors. Fortunately, here in Sweden I’ve found a lot of people who share this way of thinking. Thus, we’ve teamed up to set a role model and spread together not only the message, but to encourage others to ACT, too.

¡Despierta! Vakna! Wake up!

Emma Norden

I’m Emma! I’m studying my MSc. in Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability. As an aspiring architect, I have always been conscious of the impact we have on the environment. (Fun fact: this is one of the reasons I decided to study in Sweden and at Chalmers!)

Of course, the building sector largely contributes to the global challenges we currently face, but smaller actions matter just as much! It is these actions we take at CSS and I am so excited to be part of them. So, let’s spread the word and be proactive together!

Nils Zachmann

I’m Nils! I am studying Applied Physics at Chalmers. Climate change, overconsumption, waste treatment… Sustainability is an issue everybody talks about, everyone has an opinion, but exceedingly few do something about it.

Hence, I joined the board of CSS, a platform perfect to reach out to students and encourage them to move from words to action.

Julian Kraemer

I’m Julian! I am currently doing my Master in Architecture and Urban Design. Why am I a part of CSS? Well, apart from the obvious challenges we face today, I am particularly interested in something called „Spiritual Environmentalism“. It is about changing the way people think about nature, how we value our environment, and how we treat our surroundings. Sounds very deep but it`s more about the small things in our everyday life. Just hit me up if you want to know more or have a discussion about it!

Linus Lejdfelt

I’M Linus! I am a civil engineer student who entered my program at chalmers with the hope of joining the designing and construction of cities on Mars. I quickly learned to appreciate Chalmers’ union engagement opportunities, which helped me to get into among other things environmental politics and volunteer work for a better society.

I learned that society does not proceed forward if we do not force it to do so. Chalmers environmental association and similar organizations have a surplus of influence and assets but a lack of volunteers and without engagement the world does seldom become better on its own, it either remains the same or it start to degrade. Running a project as a manager is a great way to show future employers what you’re capable of, and it will never be as simple and as developing to manage a project as it is to do during your study time so take the chance and do as i did and develop yourself!