About our team 2022-2023

When CSS was founded, the aim was and still is to go one better in the direction of Sustainability. And till today, we are committed to growing awareness and helping people understand the importance of Sustainability. For this, we need individuals who are an enthusiast of this change and want to do something for society. We are glad to have these fantastic souls from different programs and countries glued together with the same interest.

Shubhankar Choudhari


Shubhankar is doing a Master’s in Computer Systems and Networks at Chalmers.

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Ioanna Teknetzi


Ioanna is currently doing her PhD on recycling of photovoltaics at Chalmers.

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Chiara Fichera

Waste pickup Head

Chiara is from Italy. Ran away to chase her dreams of experiencing life abroad. 

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Laetitia Cresto

Re: cycle Co-ordinator

Laetitia is coming from France and moved permanently to Sweden after falling in love with Sweden during her Erasmus year. She enjoys music, hiking in nature and bird photography. At CSS, she is mostly invested in Re: cycle but is taking part in most events we organize.

Joan Sandalinas Viladeval

Re: cycle Co-ordinator

Joan is also invested in arranging and managing Re: cycle project.