Sustainability Competition

Submission deadline: 20th December 2019

What to do?

Identify an environmental or social problem at the Chalmers campus or one of its facilities and analyze how that problem affects the environment or student life.

Develop a small scale concept or propose an alternative solution that addresses the found problem.

Develop a strategy plan on how to implement your idea and consider the daily routines on campus and how implementing your concept affects campus life or logistics in Chalmers’ facilities.

Show how your concept or solution changes the situation you found before on an environmental or social level. Compare your outcome with the current situation (before vs. after)

How to do it?

Create four A3 posters (one per each part of the task) that describe the problem, concept, plan and conclusion through text, diagrams, graphics and pictures. You decide which form of presentation is most suitable for explaining your project.

Who can do it?

Anyone who is interested! You can form groups of max. 4 people or work on your own. The only rule is that there has to be at least one Chalmers student per project. That means you have to be a Chalmers student if you want to do your project alone otherwise you can team up with 3 non-students.

You can win! But what and how?

There will be a jury judging all proposals and deciding which project is going to win based on innovation, positive effect on the environment, means of implementation, and the presentation itself.

There will be a first, second and third prize. However, every participant of the competition will receive a certificate for participation. The winner will get 3000 SEK, for the second prize we will offer 1000 SEK and the third place wins a Gift Box.

CSS will work together with the winning project to implement the concept on campus! The competion is a collection of ideas on how to improve our environment and student life. CSS will also assist people who want continue working with their project and provide information, contacts and more if help is needed!

Examples and Inspiration

  • Plastic food containers, cutlery at Express restaurant and other Campus restaurants.
  • Coffee cups and plastic lids.
  • Campus areas without use, dead zones that students could use for activities.
  • Waste generation and handling on campus in general. Each faculty or building generates waste or deals with different problems that YOU, the student, might identified already. Think about that!