About us

Chalmers Students for Sustainability is a student-led organization at Chalmers University of Technology that aims to raise awareness about sustainability and encourages engagement. Our actions are through projects and we have over the years arranged events about food rescuing, clothes swap parties, social inclusion, recycling, and lectures. We also helped Chalmers to divest from fossil fuels.

At Chalmers Students for Sustainability, we believe that student engagement can create a positive change in the world. Our vision is to encourage and inspire positive change in our society, to advance sustainability projects through effective and holistic solutions, we employ a professional, data-driven and goal-oriented approach to be the go-to organization for sustainability, a world-class center that facilitates industry, government, academic, and student cooperation.

CSS was established 2001 and is a student organization under the Chalmers Student Union.

The CSS-board arranges four member meetings every semester where the members get the opportunities attend interesting seminars, meet other members and have some “fika”. Apart from the member meetings, there are different groups within CSS that work with projects related to sustainability.

We are active in Gothenburg and members of Gothenburg Student Sustainability Alliance.

Each year, a new board is chosen officially.