Yearly action commitment

Chalmers Students for Sustainability coordinates projects to promote sustainability in a variety of ways. We believe that education and awareness are the basis for action. Therefore, we try to teach, learn and promote while having lots of fun at the same time.

Every year, CSS organizes a series of events, where members have the opportunity to choose which topics or sectors they would like to learn more about:

  • Lunch lectures: at least 5 a year
  • Field trips to companies: at least twice a year
  • Social events every second week (Fika, hiking and waste pick-up, vegan/seasonal cooking classes, etc)
  • Afterwork with companies to search for projects, master thesis or bachelor thesis.

We have our own projects, but we are constantly working with partners such as student associations, individuals or companies to expand our knowledge.

On top of these “fixed” events, our members and the board are always looking forward to carrying out challenging and interesting activities. In the next section you can see some of our events:


Circular thesis

Our newest project, online and in benefit of the students.

This project would like to promote circular economy and help students find thesis projects related to sustainability. It is the first year we are working on it, but it could be a powerful tool for students and companies too!



Our most famous and successful fixed event.

Re:Cyle is a biannual event where participants pay 50 SEK and become the proud owners of bicycles that had been left in the streets to rotten. In the event, we also help people repair the bikes that are not exactly on point. For this, we collaborate with Cykelköket and other companies and organizations interested in bicycles and sustainability.


Waste Pick-up

One of our favourites. It is a type of fixed event that takes place when there is still nice weather in Gothenburg!

In CSS we are nature lovers and we frequently meet to hike, but hate seeing trash all over the place… so we came up with this social activity! You are most welcome to join us, get to know other adventurers in a priviledged location in Sweden´s nature, while we make sure to send to the trash every piece of littering and waste that we find.


Lunch lectures

A fixed event with the aim to spread knowledge and awareness.

We frequently host lunch lectures, where Chalmers´ teachers and researchers are invited to give a private lecture to some students, who get free lunch at the same time. The topics range from specific recycling of a polymer, to how to do sports more sustainably or how to find sustainable fashion.


Clothes swap

A one-time event, that happened on February of 2020.

One of our members wanted us to host a clothes swapping event. We teamed up with EWB and SESSA and hosted a huge clothes swap event during a whole afternoon. Previous to the event there were lectures on what happens to clothes when we throw them away and how to be more sustainable in this aspect of our everyday lives.


Food rescue

This used to be a fixed event, but last time it took place was 2018.

In this event, we managed to get food from supermarkets and stores that would otherwise have been thrown away. With that food, we cooked together a dinner for a small group of people that wanted to join, according to the quantity of food available.


Waste action day

A one-time event ideated by the board.

In September 2019, CSS took all the trash that had been generated during one single day at Johannenberg campus and exposed it on the main entrance in Chalmersplatsen.