Get involved

Chalmers Students for Sustainability creates value through professional, social, and educational opportunities. In our events you will be able to: gain leadership and consulting experience, practice real-life problem solving and integrate personal growth with working towards a sustainable goal.

One can always participate in events, but if you want to go a step further and join us as an active member, we provide the unique opportunity to manage, organize, inspire, reach out, and initiate change in a structured organization regardless of background or relationship to sustainability.


As a non-member, you are always welcome to attend our events! In them you will get to know people with similar concerns and hobbies, as well as learn more about sustainability and participate in activities and lectures!


As a member, you pay a fee of 200 SEK and you will have preference in events with limited attendance. We will also ask you which topics and events would interest you more, in order to know what type of lecturers or events to look for.

Board member

As a board member, you are also required to pay a fee of 200 SEK and you will work hand in hand with us, organizing the events and helping with the association´s duties. Depending on your skills and your interests, you would join the other members in our small family to help CSS be meaningful within campus and for the environment.

Become a member

Most of the events will have a non-paying option, because we do not aim to limit our actions to those who have the most resources or to those who know they will be in Gothenburg the whole year. Read more to learn why is there a fee and what do you gain from it.

Why the fee

Chalmers Students for Sustainability is a non-profit organization and works with volunteering. Our projects are funded by mainly our members but also by Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development. This fee helps the association to organize and host new projects during the year.

What do you obtain?

Membership runs through the academic year and you will have the option to choose which topics or events you are most interested in. This is a way for us to ensure that we provide interesting and valuable lectures and events for you. Being part of CSS also gives you priority to assist to events with limited attendance like:

· Workshops

· Lectures irl, where you will get to interact with the lecturer

· Gathering between companies that seek student involvement (bachelor/master thesis)

As a member, along with hosting sustainable projects with us, you get a chance to choose a second-hand bike for free during “Re:cycle” events.

Sounds good? Do you want to become a member? You can sign up through the link below: