Lunch lectures

As the say follows, “knowledge is power”. We believe that awareness is the beginning of change. From self awareness we learn to manage ourselves and how we see others. From knowing where we can best help, to appreciating more others for what they do and their effort.

Lunch lectures are an opportunity for students to get a crash course on different sustainable challenges and solutions lead by guest lectures from all industries and disciplines. We want to provide students the opportunity to extend both their knowledge and their network by meeting different teachers and industry leaders that they might have not had the opportunity to get to know. In Chalmers we have plenty of interesting research and staff that have a wide variety of projects and initiatives worth spreading!

We have covered a wide range of topics, from How winter sports are affected by and affect climate change to Biotechnology in Sustainability. We also teamed up with Engineers Without Borders and with SESSA to spread awareness about Environmental Effects of Fast Fashion.

Sadly, right now, there are no lunch lectures planned, due to Covid-19. Regardless, we are always open to suggestions of what topics you would like to know more. You can contact us and suggest lectures, lecturers or even projects if you want!