Waste action day

According to Chalmers’ statistics, last year there were 440 tons of “regular” waste produced on campus (see fractions in the diagram below).

Awareness should be spread to students and employees, inducing all of us to change our behaviour Food waste and Packaging waste to act in a more sustainable way. Students normally see the trash bins located throughout the campus, but do not see the whole picture in quantitative terms.

To create awareness we place waste containers from the Studentkår on Chalmersplatsen. Stick on the containers the name of the project, so that it can be seen when crossing the street from the public transport stops, and show banners with information containing figures of waste production (on a yearly basis) on campus Johanneberg.

To offer a solution we show examples of options already available on campus e.g. reusable coffee cups, S.M.A.K, reusable bags, spork etc.

Inform people about what they could do about our waste production is essential to tackle one of our biggest waste management challenges up to date!