Food waste is a big problem, we throw away ⅓ of all produced food and a lot of the food is edible food from supermarkets that are simply not pretty enough. We ask the stores to give us the food and we make a party out of it where we cook the food together and eat. Right now we will take this project in a new direction and cooperate with solidary fridge projects to make the food go straight there and have the Food Rescue Parties as information events for the fridges.

The Food Rescue Party is a very easy project to share with other sustainable organizations and is a good way to strengthen relations between them.

Another thing that evolved from this thinking is “Veggie at my place” where you get assigned to groups of four to meet each week at each other’s place to socialize and learn to cook vegetarian meals together. GSSA (Gothenburg Student Sustainability Alliance) is the project coordinator here and the first sign-up period got 50 students, the second over 100 and it’s still active and growing. Read more about the project here: