Re:Cycle, also known as Chalmers Bike day, is a yearly event where participants get the chance to rescue a bike. The purpose of this event is to encourage repairing old bikes and get people to use bicycles. Everyone is welcome and anyone who is a member or becomes a member on-site gets a free bike! (You also have to be a member of Cykelköket,

We do Re:Cycle two times a year, one around late April and one around early October. Most of our bikes come from housing companies that would throw them if we didn’t rescue them. We often collect around 100-300 bikes for each event. We make a big party of the event, inviting different organizations and companies working with bikes and sustainability, we also collaborate with a local bike kitchen that helps you set up the bike. We give away the bikes for free to everyone that’s a member of our society and the bike kitchen.

Basically, you go to our booth during the event, register for membership/check your membership, take a number token, wait until it’s your turn to go into the bike area and select a bike, then go and get help from the bike kitchen to fix anything. The bikes that get left after the event we donate to refugees and the bike kitchen. (Annual membership is 50 SEK for CSS and 50 SEK for the bike kitchen, so basically if you’re not a member of any organization, you pay 100 SEK to get a bike and you also get the value of both memberships. Read more about the value of becoming a member of Cykelköket here:

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