Waste Action Day

Waste Action Day 2019-09-12


  • According to Chalmers’ statistics, last year there were 440 tons of “regular” waste produced on campus (see fractions in the diagram below).
  • Historic figures show an increasing tendency in waste generation.
  • Awareness should be spread to students and employees, inducing all of us to change our behaviour Food waste (17%) Packaging (5%) and act in a more sustainable way.
  • Students normally see the trash bins located throughout the campus, but do not see the whole picture in quantitative terms.


  • Place waste containers from the Studentkår on Chalmersplatsen.
  • Stick on the containers the name of the project, so that it can be seen when crossing the street from the public transport stops.
  • Show banners with information containing figures of waste production (on a yearly basis) on campus Johanneberg.
  • Show banners which represent the space occupied by part of that waste.
  • Show examples of options already available on campus e.g. reusable coffee cups, S.M.A.K, reusable bags, spork…
  • Inform people about what they could do about our waste production.
  • When: one elective day in May, from 7:30 am till 12:30 pm.


  • Showing what is usually hidden from public eye: data, figures…
  • Relating waste figures to other equivalents.
  • Giving tips and best practices on how to reduce your waste generation.
  • Encouraging people to demand Chalmers to be a role model on sustainability.
  • Engaging people willing to take their part and collaborate with the university to make it reality.